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Welcome to the patents database online. - - Now avaiable via SPS

The basic patent is rarely the only protection involved and other factors - chemical form, use or formulation patents - may be relevant. These may all extend the effective patent life of a product. The basic expiry date can only be taken as a guide to the earliest possible date for any generic form to appear.

SPC - Supplementary Protection Certificate: this is a mechanism to guarantee a certain marketing exclusivity period for medicines throughout the EU, to allow for the extended development period they require. Current patents in the EU are valid for 20 years; an SPC applies from the date of first marketing of a product within the EU, and extends the effective patent life for up to 5 years, to allow up to a maximum of 15 years exclusivity.

The database is produced from various data sources including Martin Paltnoi Business Services (MPA). The dates are believed to be reliable and every attempt is made to ensure that the information is current and accurate, but this is a complex area and it cannot be guaranteed that sources are always free of error. Because of this, and the complexity of patent protection noted above, it is advised that the dates are for guidance only. If you need definitive information on any specific drug, the current best available data can be obtained.