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Midlands Rarely Used & Emergency Drugs

This database details drugs which are rarely used or used in emergency situations but which are not available in every hospital. 

It covers acute hospitals in the East Midlands, South Yorkshire and West Midlands.

The database cannot be guaranteed to be entirely comprehensive or accurate as it is updated on an ongoing basis when changes are notified by the hospitals holding stocks of the drugs listed. Listing of a drug at a particular hospital cannot guuarantee the availability of that drug to other hospitals, which will depend on the stock holder's requirements and supply policy.

Requests for emergency supply from another hosiptal, either in working hours or out-of-hours, must only be made if the clinical situiation cannot wait until a suupply can be obtained through normal routes of supply and procurement.

To locate stock of a drug, enter the drug name (or part of it) in the search box below and then follow the links to individual stock holders for information the stock held and details for contact to negotiate a supply. 
or   Enter the start of the Trust name below to see all stock held by an individual hospital.

To browse all drugs listed enter % in the search box.