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This series presents evidence-based information summaries assessing medical devices that enter the healthcare market and are prescribable on FP10.  

Area Prescribing Committees and D&TCs are increasing receiving requests to evaluate prescribable medical devices, however information on their use is difficult to obtain and independent evaluations are scarce. Many of the applications may originate from a patient request. Trent Medicines Information Service has, therefore, developed evaluated evidence-based reviews which concentrate on efficacy, patient safety and total costs of the devices in addition to practical patient-related considerations to their use. 

They are intended to facilitate informed commissioning decisions on the quality, safety, and efficacy of prescribable medical devices and contribute to improving medicines optimisation for your patients.


  1. Needle-free insulin devices
  2. Resperate® for hypertension
  3. Flutter® device for mucous removal  
    4. Ocular lubricants (introduction)
  4. 5.  Virulite light device for cold sores
    6. Vibro-Pulse® for cellulitis or venous leg ulcer   
    7. Silk garments for eczema/atopic dermatitis 
    8. Otovent® for ‘glue ear’