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Our series of Detail Aids are designed to help you in your QIPP agenda.

Academic detailing is an established method known to change prescribing behaviour. It involves a health care professional or industry representative engaging a prescriber in a one-to-one discussion about a specific therapeutic topic, either for educational or sales purposes.

Our Detail Aids are one-sided documents with a simple layout of four colour text boxes.

Each document tackles one topic, providing expenditure data and potential disinvestment savings, cost comparisons, background evidence, and 3 or 4 key message points. They are produced according to clear writing guidelines and utilise evidence-based resources; the major sources are cited in the document. Support documents are produced in parallel with the detail aids to provide background information for healthcare professionals presenting the aids. These are available on request from medicines.info@uhl-tr.nhs.uk.

They can be used as a starting point to aid discussions with prescribers in implementing the QIPP agenda.  They have also been used in group or practice meetings, as posters or simply distributed to appropriate healthcare professionals.

Locally customisable versions of the Detail Aids are also available on request from medicines.info@uhl-tr.nhs.uk.

Topics published to date:

 Detail Aid subject Detail Aid
East Midlands
Detail Aid
South Yorkshire
Support Document
 Antipsychotics in dementia Link  -
 Bisphosphonates New Link  - EM
 Buprenorphine Link  -  
 Desloratidine Link  -  
 Escitalopram Link  -  
 Esomeprazole Link  -  
 Ezetimibe Link  -  
 Fentanyl Link  -  
 Glucosamine Link  -  
 Hypnotics Link  -  
 Inhaled corticosteroids in COPD Link  -  
 Insulin analogues Link  -  
 Levocetirizine Link  -  
 NSAIDs Link  - EM
 Omacor Link  -  EM
 Oxycodone Link   Link  
 Prednisolone EC Link  -  
 Prednisolone soluble  Link    
 Prednisolone 25mg tablets  Link    
 Pregabalin  Link  -  
 Quetiapine Link  Link  -
 Quetiapine (updated 2016)  Link    
 Rosuvastatin Link  -  
 Salbutamol nebulised  Link  Link  
 Sildenafil Link  - EM
 Silver dressings Link  -  
 SIP feeds Link  - EM
 Triptans Link  -